Custom License Plates

Window & Murals

Large windows, sliding glass doors, and murals to give a new look to a room.  Price is size related, and start at $150.  It is surprising how much an outdoor scene can make a room seem larger.  Your high resolution photo can be used as wall sized image.

Banners start at $6.00/square foot.  Light weight, mostly used indoors, with grommets in each corner and center top and bottom, printed in full color with your design.

Heavier weight banners are $8.00/square foot.  They are a heavier material (13 0z.) for outside display.  They can be printed in full color with your design.


Dark color shirts start at $20.00 with graphic on front or back, and black shirts start at $25.00.  Add $5.00 for both front AND back. 

I'm often asked why the difference between light and dark colored items.  A white, or light colored, garment can receive ink, via a special "transfer paper."  Black and dark colors, on the other hand, can not be printed with standard ink transfers.  Those are created with a special vinyl designed for fabrics.  The biggest advantage is the vinyl will outlast the garment!  Inks tend to crack, split, and fade over time.  The vinyl does not... it lasts a very long time.  Therefore, if you typically replace shirts because they fade, look old, or just don't look appealing to your application, the vinyl will end up costing less over time.



Line art, or splash graphics to enhance the appearance of your vehicle.

Vehicle Graphics​

Vehicle Magnetic Signs start at $60.00 a pair, and are a great way to promote a business or service, without permanently marking your personal vehicle.  When properly cared for, they last several years.  The typical size for vehicle magnetic signs is 12" by 18".  When considering magnetic signs, remember to look at the shape of your vehicle's door, or panel, on which you want them to adhere.  It should be as flat as possible, with no sharp curves, or intruding objects, like door handles. 

Black or Dark Color



Hats with your logo or name start at $12.00.  There are various styles, including mesh back, solid back, solid color, dual color, and so on.  Ask about embroidery, also.


Custom printed coffee mugs are great gifts.  They personalize the morning Joe, keep us always reminded of a loved one, celebrate an occasion, or just make our day a little brighter with a favorite design or photo.  Coffee mugs are $12.00 each, and are created with a process called "sublimation."  Dishwasher safe, and color fast, they last a very long time.

Coffee Mugs

Custom T Shirts


No order too small!  Banners, T-shirts, Vehicle Magnetics, Boat Names, Coffee Mugs, Key Chains, Name Tags, Photo Enlargements & Restorations, Custom Vanity License Plates, Yard Signs, Hats, Wall Murals, Clocks & MORE!

Magnetic Signs

Priced from $!5 to $40.  A simple solid color background with your choice of color text to a photograph of your pet, car, or another photo of your choice.

White shirts start at $18.00 for either the front or back with a graphic.  Add $2.00 for a pocket graphic, and $5.00 for a graphic on front AND back.